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Juniper Certification Curriculum and Certification Detail

Juniper Authorised Training

Juniper one day books

Book your Juniper Exam

Juniper Certification Manager

Track your certification currency and expiration

Juniper recertification requirements

JTAC recommend Junos versions for the Enterprise

Juniper Certification Forum

Training, Certification, and Career Topics

Juniper Technical Forum

Public Juniper Focused Forum

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Juniper Pathfinder

Technical documentation for Junos OS-based products by product, task, and software release, and also downloadable documentation PDFs by product & release

Content Finder

Juniper software feature information to find the right software release and hardware platform for your network.

Learning Bytes

Short and concise tips and instructions on specific features and functions of Juniper technologies

Juniper’s Certification Program

Complete details on the Juniper Networks Certification Program, including tracks, exam details, promotions, and how to get started.