Lab Hire Rates

We are unable to guarantee that access to our lab will not be effected by internet connectivity from your training location to poor internet routing speeds or local firewall restrictions.  We offer the ability when any lab is not in use the ability to test access to the lab from your training location in the days leading up to your event.

Our lab hire is charged on a per day basis (8 hour blocks) for access to all lab devices.

This price includes the following;

  • Initial setup of the lab (making devices accessible and resetting default passwords. A generic base config will be applied to the device prior. It is the instructors’ responsibility to load and test required configurations for the specific course.
  • Supply of detailed access instructions and configurations
  • Lab support for access issues

In some instances, and depending on the class and lab, we can offer at a small incremental cost additional lab pods so you can ensure every student achieves the best learning experience by having their own lab device to work on.

You might be unable to get time off work and therefore have decided to pursue the self-study approach to getting certified.  We can provide hourly access to individuals for JNCIE-ENT, SEC and SP study at affordable rates for select devices. Contact us with your planned study schedule of dates and times and we’ll try to work out a mutually convenient arrangement.

Commercial Terms and Cancellations

All we require to confirm your booking is a company purchase order.

You will be invoiced after the completion of your event and lab hire.

We can hold your booking as tentative until confirmed, in the interim if we receive another request we will notify you of this giving you the first right of refusal.

In the event we receive less than 14 full working days’ notice of a confirmed booking where we declined another customer access to the same lab due to your lab we will invoice you full lab hire fee.  We will then make available the lab at no charge providing no other bookings are received for the same for this rescheduled event.

Testing Access

We have 2 x Internets gateways facilitating redundant access to the lab.  Start by estimating your end to end response times by performing a ping and traceroute to the below hosts.


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