Emergency Help

The more specific you can be with your problem the quicker we will be able to assist in resolving it.

Gathering Relevant Information

Here’s some ideas of what level of detail you could provide

  • I cannot access any devices in the lab after using Webauth to authenticate
  • I cannot access device with this IP address and port, all other devices are OK
  • I am unable to ping device X from device Y inside the lab
  • The ftp server is not responding and I am using IP address X.X.X.X
  • The response time to the lab is slow, my pings and tracert indicate it is a problem at the lab end and I have attached screenshots
  • The IP address of the source and target device are in the route / ARP table, but I cannot ping

24 Hour Contact

If you encounter any issues with remote access to the lab please use the following contact methods and be ready with a summary of the issue, simply saying it’s not working will not enable us to resolve your issue in the fastest time possible.

  1. SKYPE: crystalecho (and wait 2 minutes for a response)
  2. Text Message: +61 419484184 requesting assistance with your lab (wait 1 minute)
  3. Call: +61 419484184